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Some interesting info….

Unlike AOL Messenger (AIM) who say ‘buddy icons’ and MSN Messenger who use the term ‘display picture’, Yahoo Messenger refer to icons as ‘avatars’. Yahoo avatars (or Yahoo messenger icons as some people like to call them) have a 96x96 pixel dimension. Yahoo defines an avatar as ‘an image that you create to represent yourself online’. You can change the clothes, accessories and hairstyles to reflect who you are and what you look like. You can also use your yahoo avatar to express your mood’. Yahoo avatars express how you are feeling because they respond to the emotions you use. If you send a smile emoticon in Yahoo Messenger, your avatar smiles. When you send a frowning emoticon, your avatar frowns. This icon integration is really cool.

There are lots of different styles of avatar. You could have a funny avatar, anime avatar, cool avatar. There is a lot of choice so if you have trouble with decisions it could be hard. Anime avatars are used a lot in Japan. If you’re a girl and like cute things look into cute icons including doll icons on our girlie display image page.

Now this is when icons get complicated! Yahoo also talk about display images. They define these as ‘a real picture of you so that your friends can see what you look like’. So are yahoo avatars just a type of yahoo display image? Who knows! Maybe we should just all call the icons.

So remember when it comes to Yahoo a display image is a display pic of yourself whereas a yahoo avatar is a graphical representation of yourself using some kind of icon.

More, more, more…

If you want to see what else is out there to customise your Yahoo avatar then take a look at these sites. We’re showing you a sample here, there are hundreds more out there.

For more info on Yahoo avatars check out the Yahoo Messenger site

Here’s what wikipedia has to say about Yahoo avatars

MyAvatars for Yahoo Messenger 6: provides extra, new avatars for Yahoo Messenger 6. This download is people who are tired of the standard Yahoo avatars which can get boring

Best yahoo display images: Celebrate the joyful holiday season in your Yahoo Messenger and share the joy

Avatar Zone: a small collection of avatars, there are some cool icons e.g. Simpsons avatars and the mood avatars funny

Timely Web Software: download Yahoo avatar software. You can get Christmas icons, New Year icons, Mood icons and Simpsons cool icons. They’re all free avatar software downloads

Avataration: a cool site with a really good user experience. It’s easy to find avatars and the avatars are good quality. You could choose an anime avatar from the anime collection but there are lots of other categories

BigBlueball Yahoo Center: everything you need for Yahoo Messenger including yahoo avatars. A forum based site with lots of cool info

New Best Web: free display images for yahoo. There’s a category called brand images that could be a copyright infringement. You’ve been warned!

Iconator avatars: a cool collection of yahoo avatars. There’s lots of different styles of yahoo messenger icons to choose from on Iconator which provides free avatars

Icon King: a collection of avatars yahoo, MySpace, MSN Messenger, AIM. Could be useful if you use blogs too

Apna Messenger: not exclusive to Yahoo Messenger, but there’s a Yahoo Menu which is very comprehensive. Some good animated avatars. They’re all free avatars

Yahoo! Display Image Grabber: download this software on softpedia that will allow you to grab display images

Avatar Magic: If you’re into dollzmania then you’ll love the dollz cute icons on this site. A good selection of avatars yahoo

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