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q stands for quality
we like it be high
click here
to see how we decide
Our Q Score

our dilemma
how to rate our images…

Mmm. Sure you could vote on them but if an image has just arrived on the site it’s going to have less votes than one that has been there a long time. Next thought. Show the image with the highest number of downloads as being the best – same problem. What about showing the newest images near the top? Well that doesn’t mean they’re good. You see our problem. We like to be fair.

the Q score
dilemma over…

We invented the ‘Q score’. This is how we show how good an image is. Think of it as a simple tool to measure quality. Like a ruler measures length, our invention measures quality. We prefer it to be high.

There’s hundreds of ways to define quality. We look at two things:

  1. how long an image has been on the site AND
  2. the number of times an image is downloaded
Then there ’s a quick calculation. Hey presto you get a Q score.  So that you can see what the Q score Is, we represent it with stars – the stars you see near the image. They’re more fun and less complicated than numbers.

So you might now be thinking ‘but we all have different tastes’. True. We do. That’s life. That’s why we give you lots of images to choose from. Whether you’re looking for funny avatars, cute icons, dollz images, animated avatars, away messages….we’ve got a collection with a high Q score to show you.
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