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Some info on MSN Messenger…

When it comes to display images, MSN likes to call them ‘display pictures’ or ‘msn display pictures’. Sometimes people refer to them as msn icons or messenger icons. The MSN Messenger client comes with some default display pictures for you to use such as a dog, a duck, a beach scene. They’re ok but they’re quite limited so we, along with many other people have designed lots more msn display pictures. Each display picture is designed to a high quality for the MSN Messenger 96x96 pixel display picture dimension format.

MSN Messenger 7 was the first version which supported animated display pictures (or animated avatars as some people call them). It makes is so much easier to show how you look or how you feel. We recommend changing your msn display picture to reflect your mood. So if you’re feeling bored at work make sure your display picture shows it. Then if you feel happy because you’ve finished a project that day – find a display picture to show it. We have heaps to choose from. Get funny icons, cool icons, cute icons, love icons – even dollz icons if you’re into dollzmania.

You’ll only find free display pictures for MSN on our site. So if you want a messenger display picture and you want it to be a free msn display picture look no further. These are seriously funny and highly addictive msn icons…you’ve been warned!

A selection of MSN display picture sites…

We’re not saying you have to look but if you’re like us then you’ll be curious to know what else is out there. Here’s a mini sample of the best aim icon sites out there. OR - download the official version of msn messenger plus links to msn web messenger the best site for msn display pictures and other MSN content. One of the most popular MSN messenger community sites with smiley central ads sponsorship
: Iconator has a large collection of free avatars and display pics for msn. Iconator also has some myspace icons, yahoo avatars and aim buddy icons loads of funny msn display pictures to customize msn messenger collection of free msn winks, funny msn display pictures, free avatars and funny icons for msn messenger (msn web messenger) plus links to Smiley central links to software with free avatars, msn display pictures, AOL buddy icons. No MySpace layouts or msn dollz display pics for msn
: loads of msn display pics (loaded with adware which is impossible to uninstall. Links to Smiley Central for msn icons where you can get free avatars and funny icons lots of free msn display pictures. Some animated avatars that you could you use with AIM but not MSN.
: free msn icon site. It’s like Iconator, you can get a free msn display picture. If you blog, then you could use the make your messenger display picture a blog icon lots of images to use as a free display picture for msn. There’s quite a few cheeky rude icons. If you like dollzmania there’s a large dollz collection
: msn icon site with free avatars and free funny icons for msn web messenger
: dollz mania website with lots of dollz for msn and aol dollz icons. Especially popular with girlies who want free avatars free avatars which can also be used as msn display pictures
: community forum with free avatars yahoo, msn icons and AOL buddy icons. It’s a well-designed user experience with plenty of info about each icon.
: another free avatar site with funny icons and msn icons loads of msn display pictures and funny icons for msn. Excellent collection of msn display images Different categories of MSN display pictures including msn dollz, adult emoticons and AOL buddy icons msn icons, free avatars and msn display pictures for msn, AOL and myspace mostly AOL buddy icons and msn icons. Some msn dollz and funny icons for msn
: yet more msn display pictures, msn icons and free avatars
: msn names (also called away messages) and msn display pictures for msn messenger and web messenger. Packs come with adware installed and also links to Smiley Central so be careful large Spanish site with loads of display msn picture to choose from. There are some animated avatars that only work with AIM
: large collection of msn display pictures and aol buddy icons collection of messenger display picture. The cartoon cool icons are good but not sure if there’s a copyright issue with using icons such as Disney icons
: collection of cool free msn display pics.. Think the creator might be Islamic because there’s a link to an Islam site. There’s also msn names or away messages available

So as you can see there are literally thousands of display pictures out there. Admittedly there’s some images that you see appearing on more than one site but the choice is quite overwhelming. We like to keep the experience simple so we provide a few different ways to find the display image you want. Browsing through libraries of display pictures can get very boring. I don’t know about you but we’ve got better things to do.

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