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Here’s a list of answers to questions we get asked the most. If you can’t find the answer in this list, just click here to ask your question directly.

What is My Display Image?

My Display Image provides little pics for instant messenger and blogs. Sometimes display images are called display pictures, avatars, buddy icons – it depends on which instant messenger service you use. We don’t care what you call them – we decided to call them display images. We give them to you free of charge because we want you to share the fun we have collecting them.  In the beginning we used them just in instant messenger, now we use them in blogs too.

How do you use My Display Image?

It’s easy. Download the free display images from Once you have downloaded and saved the images onto your computer you can then import them into your application. If you’re using the image on a blog you can choose the option to copy and paste the HTML code that goes with the image. It’s a quicker way to get an image onto a blog.

What software do the free display images work with?

My Display Image is designed for any application that supports display images. This includes using them as display pictures in MSN Messenger, as buddy icons in AOL Messenger (AIM), as free avatars in Yahoo Messenger, and icons in MySpace or any other blogging service. My Display Images can be used in any of these applications but could also be used in ICQ, Google Talk, email and Skype

Currently animated avatars (or animated buddy icons) are only compatible with AOL Messenger (AIM) or any blogging application such as My Space or Windows Live Messenger.

How do I use My Display Image in AOL Messenger?

To use your downloaded file as your buddy icon in AOL Messenger follow these steps:
1) In the top menu on your AIM Buddy List window select: MyAIM -> Edit Options -> Edit Preferences to open your AOL Instant Messenger Preferences window
2) Click Buddy Icons in the left vertical menu
3) Click Browse PC to find and select the Acme icon you saved in Step 1
4) Click OK

How do I use My Display Image in MSN Messenger?

To use your downloaded file as your MSN Display Image in MSN Messenger (now called Windows Live Messenger) follow these steps
1) In the main MSN Messenger window, click the Tools menu, and then click Change Display Picture
2) Click Browse, select the free avatar you want to use on your computer, and then click Open

How do I use My Display Image in Yahoo Messenger?

To use your downloaded file as your free avatar in Yahoo Messenger follow these steps:
1) There are two ways to configure your picture:
- Click the Messenger menu in Yahoo Messenger and select Preferences. Select the Display Image category and click the Change Default button OR
- Click the Messenger menu in Messenger and select Change My Display Image
2) Select the Share my picture option and click the Select a Picture graphic
3) Select a picture or use one of your own by clicking the Browse button (you can browse your hard drive for a picture. The picture must be a .bmp, .jpep, .png, or .gif file)
4) Click the OK button at the bottom of the window
Please note: You can change your picture by clicking the Change button to the right of your picture

How do I use My Display Image in ICQ?

To use your downloaded display image file in the ICQ Extraz Center follow these steps:
1) Choose a user - open the message window by clicking on a user name from your contact list
2) Enter the image - click the image on your part of the message session, where it says Click to add your image. You will now enter the ICQ Image Gallery
Please note: you can also upload your image by clicking the camera icon displayed on your right.

How do I use My Display Image in email?

To use your downloaded display image file in email you need to:

  1. Save you're my Display Image file onto your hard disk
  2. Within your email client (i.e. Hotmail, Outlook etc) make sure you have Rich Text enabled
  3. You can then either:

-  attach your image as an attachment OR
-  paste your image into the message body
Tip: create a personal signature in your email using your new display image

How do I use My Display Image in Skype?

To install your downloaded display image file into Skype, follow these steps:

  1. Open Skype and go to File on the menu
  2. Select Your Personal Profile and open up your Skype Personal Profile
  3. You'll see the display picture box at the bottom left of your profile screen.  To use a file saved on your computer, just click browse and import the image you want
  4. Click ok

How do I use My Display Image in Google Talk?

To install your downloaded file into Google Talk, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Talk buddy list and click on the picture to the right of your name near the top of the buddy list window
  2. Click on "More pictures..." at the bottom of the icon selector, navigate to where you saved your avatar, select the avatar, and click "Open"
  3. Your avatar is now installed. Hover your mouse over your name to see it full size.

How do I use My Display Image files in MySpace?

To Install free avatars into MySpace, follow these steps;

  1. Go to the MySpace homepage, click on "Home" and log in, if necessary.  Click on “Upload / Change Photos"                       
  2. Go to the "Upload Photo" box part way down the page and click on "Browse...”
  3. Find the avatar or icon on your computer and click "Open"
  4. Next, click on "Upload" to send the image to MySpace. It may appear like nothing happened after the upload is complete. Wait 30 seconds then scroll down the page to see your uploaded avatar.
  5. Finally, if you have more than one image, you need to tell it which one you want to appear next to your name. Click on "-Set as default-" to change the photo shown on your MySpace page

Does My Display Image cost anything?

My Display Image provides free avatars, msn display pictures and buddy icons. We’ve created a collection of adult avatars, available from The adult avatars, buddy icons and msn icons are paid-for with a free trial version available.

How can My Display Image offer free avatars, display pictures and buddy icons?

We don’t collect images to make lots of money; we do it to have fun. My Display Image can provide you with these free avatars, buddy icons and display pictures because the site is supported by advertising (Google ads) which helps us cover our costs.

Is My Display Image spyware/adware?

Absolutely not.  No spyware/adware is installed when you download free avatars, free AOL buddy icons or free MSN icons.  You can review our anti spam privacy policy here. We are most definitely anti-spyware and adware and focus in collecting high quality images and creating a high quality user experience. Our personal standards are high so they all images have to pass our quality test before they get published.

Do you have adult images?

Yes, My Display Image also has adult images that can be used as Yahoo avatars, AOL buddy icons or MSN display pictures. These can be used in instant messenger, blogs inc MySpace, Skype and more. These adult images are designed for adults only. They are available from These adult avatars and adult emoticons are paid-for with a free trial version available.

How do I subscribe or unsubscribe to the free newsletter?

My Display Image has a free newsletter about what we’ve been up to in the world of display images. Click here to subscribe to the free newsletter. If you want to unsubscribe from the newsletter click here to unsubscribe and you will no longer receive it.

How do I contact you?

We’re happy to help answer any questions. For questions related to using the images you could well find that someone asked your question before and we’ve added the answer to our FAQs. If you cannot find an answer complete the form here and we’ll respond within 24 hours.

We always want to improve. We’re interested to know more about what you think and like to hear from you. Let us know any ideas by contacting us at hello AT If you have any business partnerships you think we would be interested in contact us at partner AT IMPORTANT NOTE: we can’t write the email address in full because spammers will find it and spam us so change the word ‘AT’ to @.
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