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A bit of blurb on AIM…

Known by AOL Messenger uses as ‘buddy icons’, there are heaps of aim icons including SuperBuddy cute icons and WeeMee icons. Aim 6.O is the latest version of AOL Instant Messenger. Aim icons are smaller in size than MSN icons as they’re 48x48 pixels in dimension whereas MSN icons are 96x96 pixels per icon. The aim icon collection is huge and you can change the expression of your aim icon to make it more funny. I chose a tiger aim buddy icon and gave it an embarrassed expression. It turned into a really cute icon. You can customise your aim buddy icon on the aim website. You just need an aim messenger account to get started. It’s really simple to create and then you can start designing an aim buddy icon. There are lots more free aim icons on aim messenger than there are free msn display pics within the MSN Messenger client.

Some sites we’d recommend

We’re not saying you have to look but if you’re like us then you’ll be curious to know what else is out there. Here’s a mini sample of the best aim icon sites out there.

AOL Instant Messenger (AIM): is a free instant messaging service. Download AIM
 and learn about AIM options, including AIM games and international AIM

. AIM Buddy Icons For AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, Yahoo And AOL Chat

AOL Quick Buddy: If you’re away from your computer you can access aim from a web browser and use buddy aim icons

IM Frame for AOL Instant Messenger - AIM Addon by BPS SoftWare: PowerAIM is an easy-to-use, yet powerful add on program for AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)

AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) Center at BigBlueBall - Everything ...
Instant messaging tutorials, reference, news and forums for AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ,
Trillian and other instant messengers. - AIM Buddy Icons for AOL Instant Messenger: Icon Hell has thousands of aim buddy icons that you can add to your AOL Instant Messenger window. Learn how to make buddy icons or use our icon maker.

AOL AIM 5.5 Reviews. Instant Messaging Reviews by CNET.: The bottom line: Despite several business-oriented add-ons, AIM 5.5 is a free
and versatile instant messenger that's best suited for AOL home users. - Smilies & Smilie Icons for AOL Instant Messenger...
Large collection of AIM buddy icons and away messages for aim users It ... - Smilies & Smilie Icons for AOL Instant Messenger - "AIM Faces ...

Cool Buddy - Icons,Buddy icons,AIM icons,Buddy icon: A site containing thousands of buddy icons for AOL Instant Messenger, organized by category. AIM Buddy Icons, for AOL Instant Messenger, aim...
Buddy icons and away messages that you can add to your AOL Instant Messenger window.

These are the websites we’d recommend for getting lots of different icons e.g. cute icons, funny icons, love icons, cool icons. There are heaps to choose from. What we do is try to keep it simple and show you the best buddy icons out there. We’ve got a collection of away messages too and we do the same with those. To us, it’s all about image quality. The icon buddy for AIM you choose might be small but that doesn’t put us off. We make sure that all our images are redesigned and optimized for the AIM file size restrictions.

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