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Where do bloggers find icons?

There are hundreds of websites dedicated to creating icons for blogs. The advantage of using an icon site for blogs is that you’ll find animated avatars too because blogs support the use animated icons whereas Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger don’t.

Many of the icon sites are icons created and uploaded by members as myspace icons but you can use them in other blogs too. There are heaps of icon categories that can be overwhelming but once you’ve looked on a few sites you’ll see the icon categories are almost the same.

1 2 3 Icons: a site crammed with icons for blogs. There’s a large collection of doll icons so if you’re a dollzmania fan this is the place to be. You can upload your own icons. – they could be cool icons, funny icons, love icons…

MySpace Dev: contains heaps of icons for MySpace as well as layouts etc to customise MySpace. If you like cute icons you’ll like the Forever Friends bear icons

MyNiceSpace: more icons for MySpace. Simply copy and paste the HTML code to get the icon on your blog.

Get MySpace Icons: the list of icon categories on this site is quite overwhelming. Don’t be put off because there are some really cool icons. They even use messenger icons (emoticons) as MySpace icons more icons for MySpace. Heaps of categories with funny icons to personalize your blog offer a large collection of icons that can be used for myspace icons, buddy icons, aim icons, msn display pics, yahoo avatars and more. lots of icons for MySpace as well as other accessories to personalise your blog contains myspace icons including animated avatars and cheeky rude icons

MyWackoSpace: layouts, banners, random images etc for myspace. Create your own icon myspace collage on this site by uploading your own images more icons myspace including animiated avatars that you could use as aim buddy icons too myspace backgrounds and layouts as well as quite a small collection free myspace icons ‘grab a byte’ is the tagline on this site with cool icons and funny icons for blogs. Anime icons, sex icons, prank icons funny, Disney icons… icons myspace and other blogs

This list is a very thin slice of the ‘icon pie’. Very thin! Of course you could use your aim buddy icon, yahoo avatar or msn display picture as an icon for your blog. We don’t mind what you do. We try to make the decision easier by putting everything in one place.

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