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Are you a blogger too?

Here’s some info on some of the most popular blog services out there. There are now over 60 million blogs across the world according to a post on Blog Herald in January 2007. Amazing! That means there’s also huge demand for images for blogs.

Now the question is, does one say ‘buddy icon' ‘avatar' ‘display picture' or  ‘display image’? We say – does it matter?! You can use our icons on any blog. We’ve got the HTML code so all you need to do is copy and paste and you’ll get a free icon for your blog. Now it’s up to you whether you want cool icons, funny icons, cute icons or even love icons. Maybe you want a picture of yourself for your blog and then to use a display image on each post that you write to show how you feel that day. A display pic is the perfect way to do it.

The most popular blogging services…

MySpace (or MySpace) is a free service that uses the Internet for online communication through an interactive network of photos, weblogs, user profiles, e-mail, web forums, and groups, as well as other media formats. This all-inclusive service is sometimes called a social networking interface. MySpace is a very active site, and additions and new features are being added constantly. You could use a buddy icon, funny avatar or doll icon as your profile image or an image in a blog post.


Xanga is both a blog hosting service and a social networking service. It is operated by, Inc., and is based in New York City, USA. Users of Xanga are referred to as "Xangans". With an estimated 45 million worldwide users, it is one of the most popular online blogging/networking sites. As of 21 January 2006, Alexa Internet rated Xanga the 23rd most popular English-language website, and the 48th most popular website in the world.

Windows Live Spaces

Microsoft says there are over 120 million Windows Live Space users. If you use MSN Messenger you automatically get a Windows Live Space account. If you already chat with Windows Live Messenger and faithfully check your Hotmail or Windows Live Mail Inbox, then Windows Live Spaces can handily integrate your contacts, letting you share your blog, pictures, and fun Gadgets with them. Plus, Spaces shares links and tie-ins with other Windows Live tools, such as the Windows Live Toolbar. You can also pay for a premium account to remove the ad banner.

Read more about it from the CNET Editor’s Take

For an overview go here:

Check out some gadgets for Windows Lives Spaces

AIM Pages

AOL’s equivalent of Windows Live Spaces is an AIM Page. You can create one here. If you use a Safari browser on your Mac you won’t be able to use AIM Pages. However if you use Internet Explorer or Firefox you can.

Here’s how AOL describe AIM pages…

‘AIM Pages makes communicating and sharing with your friends fun and easy -- it allows you to create an online page without having to be all tech savvy. Your page is the place for all the things that make you unique. In the "Advanced Edit" Mode, you can try our easy-to-use publishing tools to decorate your page with different themes and choose modules that allow you to be as creative as you want. Hint: Modules are the building blocks of your page. You can customize your own content and make your page entirely specific to you’

You can search through other user’s AIM Pages. When I did I saw that lots of people were using their aim buddy icons as their profile image.

Here’s what one blogger has to say about AIM pages in a post titled ‘Is AIM Pages a MySpace killer?

As you can see there’s heaps of potential to integrate the content you use to customize instant messenger with that you use on blogs. You could use the same display image, buddy icon or avatar to personalize a blog. It certainly saves time…and it’s fun too. Whilst animated avatars don’t work on Yahoo and MSN Messenger they can be used in blogs. It doesn’t need to cost you anything either. There are heaps of free avatars out there. The only thing it costs you is time to find the one you want! We’ve done our best to make that as simple as possible and we’re always looking for ways to improve.

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