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aim messenger

How much do you know about AIM?

AOL Instant Messenger, known by its nickname, AIM, is a free service provided by America On-line. 
It enables you to communicate instantly, by typed text, with other AIM users.

AOL Instant Messenger was originally developed to let AOL's members 
chat among themselves, but is also available for anyone to download. Compared to the bells 
and whistles of the other instant messengers, with their winks, nudges, avatars and other 
multimedia functions, AIM is sparsely featured. However, it still has the basic essentials and 
gives you the options of chatting via typing, talking or webcam. 

The program's main interface is uncluttered, so using it at a basic level is simple. Everything 
you might want to do on a day-to-day basis is present on the screen, while access to its more 
advanced functions, like voice and video messaging, become available when you open a chat window.

AIM allows users to communicate instantly through text to their "buddies" (or bots such as SmarterChild or ZolaOnAOL) around the world, provided they have the AIM software. AOL also has a member directory where AIM users can locate others online who share their interests. AIM is also noteworthy for its use of buddy icons and buddy profiles, allowing its users to construct a personal avatar and small personal information page.

AIM's setup varies greatly from MSN Messenger in that it does not require approval from one buddy to be added to another's buddy list (MSN's default settings send a message to a user notifying them if anyone has added them and letting them choose whether or not to block that user). As a result, many users keep other unsuspecting users on their buddy list to read their profiles or see if they are online (if the said user had blocked them before), A user can block another user from all communications, but some users keep extra usernames for avoiding these blocks.

Different versions of AIM

There is also a version of AIM, called AIM Express, that is implemented in DHTML and runs in a web browser so you can use it if you’re not at your own computer. AIM Express supports many of the standard features included in the stand-alone client, but does not provide advanced features like file transfer, audio chat, or video conferencing.

Apple Computer's iChat AV software, released in June 2003 for Mac OS X, was the first AIM-compatible client to allow for audio and video conferencing over the AIM protocol. In February, 2004, AIM 5.5 was released, allowing Windows users to video conference with each other and with iChat users. Although AIM is the most feature rich official release of a mainstream instant messenger for the Apple Macintosh, it lacks several features that the latest Microsoft Windows version offers.

AIM 6.0 is the latest version for PC users. Features include:

Offline IMs: don't miss out on your IMs just because you're busy. AIM 6.0 lets you retrieve the messages you missed while you were offline

IM Grouping: keep all of your IMs organized in one easy window. AIM 6.0 makes managing your social life even easier

IM Logging: AIM 6.0 lets you save your IM conversations on your computer. Now you'll never have to worry about remembering what one of your friends said to you

Picture Sharing: share your pictures with your buddies with AIM 6.0. The new drag-and-drop interface makes it a snap

Bigger Buddy List: the number of buddies is doubled you can have on your Buddy List window. AIM 6.0 makes it easy to stay in touch with up to 1,000 of your closest friends. That’s 1000 people you can share a buddy icon with

PC to PC Chat: AIM 6.0 integrates seamlessly with AIM Phoneline. Keep on talking with your friends, even if your fingers are tired of typing

Innovative Wallpapers: these wallpapers are interactive - they work with AIM 6.0 and have lots of hidden surprises waiting for you to discover

AIM Pages: AIM 6.0 brings profiles to a whole new life. AIM start your AIMPage off with some vanity info, and you fill in the rest

Download AIM 6.0 here

AIM for Mac users is at version 4.7. It’s quite basic but you can still use aim buddy icons and customize it with your own doll icons, cute icons, funny icons. You can download it here:

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